20-Minute Fire Camden (Textured Surface)

20-Minute Fire Camden (Textured Surface)



(All Pre-Hung Doors have a production lead time. Please contact us for details)

    This measurement refers to the actual Width and Height of the Door Slab Only, NOT including the Frame.  Please use the formula below to get a more accurate representation of your Rough Opening Size.

    Rough Opening = (Door Slab Width + 2" )  by  (Door Slab Height + 2-1/2" )

    The Jamb Width refers to the Frame Width of your door, NOT including decorative moulding/casing. 

    Jamb Width = Stud Width + Drywall Thickness

    Please Ensure All Selections Are Accurate

    All sales are Final on production items including Pre-Hung Doors.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns BEFORE placing your order. 
    We cannot offer refunds for doors ordered with incorrect swings, sizes, etc...


20-Minute Fire Doors are 1-3/4″ thick and have all the same components as an exterior door, but are made to match the interior hollow or solid core moulded door of the same name.  In most cases, the Fire Door is the door leading into your house from the garage.  Our Fire Doors come with an ink stamp on the top or bottom of the door indicating a 20-minute fire burn rating.  If your project requires additional certifications or qualifications, please contact us for further information.


    Door Swings
Discount Door and Trim Follows the Arizona Door Shop Handing
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